Government Relations

As a client advocate, Kari builds and maintains strong relationships with legislators, regulators, and other executive branch officials. She educates them on an ongoing basis and represents her clients’ positions. Kari monitors the legislative and regulatory climate for clients to identify and resolve prospective issues and reviews legislation to identify and track relevant bills so she can advise her clients and act on their behalf.

Policy Research

Any public policy issue has a number of viable approaches. For specific projects, Kari performs in-depth research on possible solutions—actions other states have tried, for example, or analogous situations with ideas that can be adapted or scaled. She provides a complete analysis and recommendations when appropriate. 


Kari advises you on the best overall strategy for addressing the public policy issue at hand. What type of solution would gain the most buy-in? What messaging would resonate with policymakers? Who can you collaborate with to achieve a common goal? Both policy and politics must inform your strategy.