Guiding Principles

Barsness Policy Solutions follows four guiding principles

Policy-Based Substance

Whatever the policy issue, it’s important for Kari to know it in-depth. When she offers strategic advice, she often provides solutions clients may not have considered. When Kari represents clients to legislators and regulators, she makes their case smoothly and knowledgeably. In other words, she aims for substance as well as style.

Results-Oriented Strategies

Public policy work is tricky. You can do everything right and still not get the outcome you want—there are simply too many factors out of your control. However, with the right research, strategy, and representation, you’ll have the best chance to achieve the results you want—and that’s what Barsness Policy Solutions works toward.

Collaborative Approach

Kari is a naturally collaborative person, so it’s no surprise she works closely with clients to accomplish their public policy goals. But collaboration is also part of her advocacy strategy. She actively looks for opportunities for clients to work with others on common goals. Everyone has different strengths; it makes sense to have trusted partners to help. 

Win-Win Solutions

Kari believes it’s possible to find win-win solutions for her clients. When she worked at the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources, she participated in stakeholder meetings to address issues with the regulatory system. Through participation in this stakeholder process, stakeholders were able to find common ground and get creative with solutions. As a result they were able to craft a regulatory reform bill that improved the program, saved industry money, and did not negatively affect human health.